We are aware of the problems in our world. We are on the verge of self-destruction. Over-population is in the root of our problems. But what are we doing about it? Nothing. Most of us are so focused on our private struggles that nobody has the time to concentrate on international problems. It’s in humans’ nature to look for personal benefits in everything we do. Solving the global problem doesn’t involve any immediate benefits which could be the reason why we aren’t that concerned about it.

What if there was someone who’s dedicated enough to save the universe even if it earns him a title of the greatest villain? Seems like a heroic man right? Well, that man is Thanos. So, by not considering him the villain of all times but the hero, wear thanos costume and show all that whatever he did was right.

Avengers: infinity war lovers are left with a fantastic dilemma after viewing the movie, and it is whether Thanos was right? Yes, the majority of the Avengers found themselves Thanos’s side after viewing the movie. While Thanos is crowned as the most powerful villain of MCU, there are a few who think if he, in fact, was the protagonist of the movie. Well, you cannot judge them because they love him for all of the right reasons.

First of all, Thanos was dedicated to a solid cause and he was totally committed to it. His confidence in his faith clearly reflects that he had given clear thought to the problems of the world and then reached his conclusion. He believes that wiping out half of the universe is the only solution to all the universal difficulties. He wasn’t excited about any personal gains from achieving his aim like any other typical evil guy. He did not have any intent to visit the ground and fight the Avengers. He was just eliminating anything that stops him from achieving his goal and in this instance, it appears to be Avengers. Buy Avengers Infinity War Costumes online at amazing prices and show off in front of your friends.

He is a brilliant strategist with a clear set of values and an exact strategy to achieve his goal. On the flip side, if you observe, Avengers are as faulty as humans despite their superpowers. They are continuously fighting their private struggles and have lots of doubts.

In spite of being such a tough guy, Thanos is capable of love. He loves his daughter Gamora more than anything else in the world. He proves his dedication to his origin when he sacrifices Gamora to the sake of greater good. Not everyone has the guts to make such a fantastic sacrifice for something they believe in. Not even any of our Avengers can make such a great personal sacrifice. Only Thanos had the boundless courage needed to do something like that.

It’s very uncommon for a movie to end with the villain’s success but it happened in infinity war which proves the power of Thanos. His dialog “the toughest choices require the most powerful wills” clearly shows how hard he was. We have loads of great heroes but we seldom get a good villain such as Thanos which is why MCU fans are more perplexed than ever.

I understand, his methods weren’t best but, his motive was pure. Dedicating your life to a cause and doing anything that takes for that trigger is something which only strong people can do. He just wanted to bring back the balance to the world. Despite facing so many difficulties he succeeded in his origin which again shows the efforts he had put into it. As we know Thanos’s departure is inevitable. Avengers 4 will most probably end with Thanos dying and Avengers bringing them all back.

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