Buying gold jewellery is the smartest investment you can make and you don’t want to make any mistake while buying it that may cause you to regret it later on. Gold is undeniably the most precious metal globally speaking considering it is a pure and rare plus, it does not corrode. For the majority of us Indians, buy gold means is equivalent to buying gold jewellery.

Be it casual everyday chains, rings and earrings or designer jewellery for the wedding season, we Indians love our gold. And luckily for us, gold jewellery comes in a wide variety of designs in white, yellow as well as rose gold. For us, gold jewellery has mainly two purposes: investment and fashion statement, especially for women. For men, jewellery is limited to chains, bracelets, watches, and rings but women have a wide variety of different types of gold pieces of jewellery to choose from – earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings and more.

As buying gold is a hefty investment, you want to do it just right. There are certain things to look for when buying gold jewellery. Read further to know more.

Gold Purity

Although original gold comes in the purest form i.e., 24 carats, gold jewellery isn’t usually in the purest form as the metal is easily bendable and for gold jewellery to stay intact another metal is mixed to keep it from bending too easily. But, how can you check purity? It’s simple! Look for the hallmark on the jewellery.

The hallmark will tell you the official proportion of metals used in the jewellery as accredited by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). To check the jewellery’s authenticity, you have to correctly read the hallmark. Besides the BIS stamp, gold cartage, jeweller’s identification mark and the year of hallmark will be visible. The number with the letter ‘K’ will show you the purity of gold. For example, if it is written 22K, that means the jewellery is made of 91.6% of gold.

Cost Per Gram

The cost per gram of gold is the same universally which you can easily check online. Go for a certified trusted jewellery shop and their cost per gram if not the same amount, the price range should be close. After checking it, visit the jewellery shop in CG road, Ahmedabad to explore your design options. Before exploring or buying your jewellery options, make sure to cross-check the brand’s cost with the global cost per gram. You don’t want to pay more than you should!

Negotiate Labour/Making Charges

Yes! They are indeed negotiable. All gold jewellery has a labour charge which is also known as making charges. Usually, the labour charges differ from design to design depending on how simple or complex it is. Ask your jeweller to lower the making charges. Some gold jewellery is machine-made while some are hand made with extremely intricate designs.

The machine-made jewellery is usually lower in making charges as compared to the hand made ones. Either way, you can ask the jeweller to lower the making charges. They usually range from 6% to 25% of the cost of gold so if the jeweller agrees to lower it even a little, it can make a huge difference.


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