Usually, festivals are a one-day occasion or event, they are celebrated for different reasons and causes. For instance, Thanksgiving is celebrated to be grateful for the blessings of the respective year and Holi is celebrated for one day, where people play with colors to start fresh.

But when it comes to love, even a lifetime is not enough to celebrate that beautiful feeling. Because love, is eventually the reason why life’s worth living and only that connects human beings!

So, unlike other festivities, when it comes to love; we get the timeline of a whole week! Yes, you’re going in the right direction, we’re referring to Valentine’s week! The most beautiful 7 days of the year!


Which Rose You Should Give Based on Your Relationship with The Person

When we hear ‘valentine’s day,’ we start imagining red everything, from flowers to cakes and from clothes to the decorations! And especially the Red flowers; meaning roses. You can buy cheap valentine’s day flowers from anywhere in February! Red roses are special, but you’ve got the whole week to cover, and you can’t use red roses every day and be so obvious! But don’t you worry! We’re here to give you insights about different colored roses and what they represent.

Red Rose

A fresh red rose in hand, going on one knee, and then the words ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ Sounds dreamy and extremely romantic, right? Well, that’s the accurate and the original representation of valentine’s day, the 14th of February! A red rose is associated with the day of love because it represents nothing but love! A bright red rose symbolizes unconditional love towards your special someone. But remember, a single rose is better than a dozen of them! Less is more, you see!

Yellow Rose

Probably, you already started hearing ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ (Love is a friendship) if you’re a Dharma kid! And yes, friendship is the purest form of love. Friendship entails mutual respect and trust between two people. A kind of relationship between people, which is ranked the highest, because friends always got each other’s back and they remain with together through thick and thin. And sunny yellow flowers are given to express gratefulness to those special friends!

White Rose

White color alone signifies peace and purity. And the pretty white rose is the symbol of a fresh start and everlasting love. Basically, you can give the white rose to anyone you want to start a friendship with, or even in general; white roses represent innocence and sympathy. So, you can use white roses to deliver best wishes to someone or even just randomly being thankful! An all-rounder in the true sense!

Thus, different roses mean different things; that you should have information about. So, don’t hesitate to give these meaningful flowers to your special ones this valentine’s day!

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