Online exams are now a norm, take it any competitive exams, test series, employment exams or online assessment for employees. Online proctoring is a major development that has taken place in online exams so far. One can invigilate the offline tests easily, but when it comes to online tests, there is still some doubt in the air. This is due to the fact that online proctoring services can be tampered and hacked by the candidates or some external sources too.

With the technological advancements and the inclusion of AI in online proctoring, this doubt is overcome to a great extent. Let’s get into the basics of online proctoring before you decide to purchase a software or SaaS for the same.

Online proctoring

How Do Online Invigilation Work?

Online invigilation is a timed set up in which you can proctor the candidate by software that monitors computer desktop, webcam video and audio. The data thus recorded is transferred for review on proctoring software.

Challenges Of Proctored Exams

Online proctoring is definitely a cost-effective solution but what about the remote computer services needed for the exam to be conducted? This is a major challenge faced by test-takers as well as organizations.

One needs to verify the test centre for its capabilities so that there are no discrepancies during the exam and then students have to visit the accredited centres only. There are very few organizations and software that has reached the level of testing taking security where the candidate can take the exam from home itself.

Online Exam Benefits For The Candidates

Greater flexibility of test centres and test time. As the test takers have come up with longer exam windows of days to choose from, one can conveniently select their location and test time.

With more secure systems, there is an advantage of the privacy that is maintained throughout the process.

As the environment built by test-taking conditions is comfortable, there is less pressure on the candidate and he could perform well.

Online Proctoring Benefits For The Organisations

Eliminates the need for an in-person interview.

A more frequent HR interview process can take place.

Global scaling of candidates can be done.

Increased security and faster validation of candidates can be done.

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