The warehouse is one of the most important are that needs to be in temperature at all times. But it is quite difficult to keep them under climate because of their size and work did there. It is tricky to control the temperature during winters as there are many obstacles that come in between. Here are 4 ways how you can try and maintain your warehouse warm during winters.


#1 Keep It Sealed

The doors and windows of the warehouse are the major sources of heat loss and it is extremely important to prevent that. Heat loss and poor insulation can create various changes like:

  • Inventory damage due to extreme cold
  • Inability to keep hold of workers because of the cold climate and an uncomfortable environment.
  • More energy consumption leading to higher energy bills.

There are several possible ways by which your door can retain heat. These methods are easy and cost-effective. Below listed are some solutions that can prevent heat loss in a warehouse:

  1. Insulated dock panel doors installation.
  2. Add seals, also called weather strips, to the gaps of doors.
  3. Use high-speed doors.

#2 Organize Your Inventory

As we know it is a bit difficult to search for inventory when you are covered with warm heavy clothes, it is important that the goods and equipment are on an easy reach for the workers. Organized inventory will help them save some energy searching and utilize that into work. One good solution to this problem is the implementation of a barcode-based inventory management system.

#3 Change To HVLS Ceiling Fans

Even with a heating system in the warehouse, HVAC systems do not distribute warm air effectively throughout the place. If you think that using fans will increase the cold climate then you are wrong. Without fans, there will be no circulation which will be a wastage of heat but with big ceiling fans for warehouse, there will be proper circulation and uniform heating.

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans can even rotate in reverse creating heating effects around the warehouse. The reverse action of these fans heats the whole warehouse by pushing warm air that comes from the building’s heating system upward and outwards, making a layer of hot air distribute down the warehouse walls and floor. For more information click here.

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