Dice 10000 also called farkle is a fun family dice game where the aim is to score ten thousand points by rolling winning combinations of dice. There are various variations on the dice 10000 game and it’s up to the single player to pick which variations they wish.

The dice 10000 or Farkle game rules are very simple to learn. Here We’ve provided the basic dice 10000 game rules and also how to play dice 10000.

Beginners Guide to Play Dice 10000

The object of the dice game is to collect as many points as you can by rolling specific dice in various number combinations. Winning the game needs a total score of 10000 points.

The game of dice ten thousand is played with 6 dice and 2 or more players. Each performer rolls one die and also the person with the maximum number starts. After the player’s turn is finished, the dice are passed clockwise to the following player.

Basic Rules of Dice 10000 Game

Before playing the dice game, you must know basic dice 10000 rules or Farkle dice rules.

First, choose who is going. Now, you can do this by having each participant roll 3 dice and then beginning with whoever gets the maximum combination. After that, play continues clockwise from the player.

The 1st player rolls all six dice. The participant can choose to keep as many scoring dice as he or she selects but have to keep at least one.

Put the scoring dice off to the side & roll the staying dice.

Again the participant can keep as numerous scoring dice as he/she Selects, but needs to keep at least. Put scoring dice off the side and then, roll remaining dice.

Play continues until players decide to end and maintain that Score.

Dice 10000 Scoring

Rolling a one is equivalent to 100 points, a five is equivalent to 50 Points and three ones is equivalent to 1,000 points.

Rolling three twos, threes, fours, fives or sixes is equivalent to your face value times 100.

For example, rolling 3 twos (2,2,2) is equivalent to 2 times 100, or 200 points, whereas 3 fives (5,5,5) is equivalent to 5 times 100 or 500 points.

In case a straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) is wrapped, then the point is 3,000 points. Three pairs are valued 1,500 points.

Winning of the Game

The first participant to score over ten thousand points becomes the winner and each other participant gets an additional turn to top that participant’s score. Whoever ends with the maximum score of over ten thousand wins the game.  For more information, you can visit here.

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