You might have seen a plethora of memes related to cursed images. Or maybe just seen some creepy memes but you didn’t know what they are called. Well, now you will know which images are exactly known as “cursed images”. The pictures that make you wonder about the five W’s, i.e. what, where, why, when and who are called cursed images.

What Makes An Image “Cursed”

You now know what cursed images are, now can you guess what makes the images cursed? You might have heard many people talking about a thing or a being called cursed, didn’t you? Cursed means that a particular thing or person is under some evil spell, but sometimes it also refers to a specific irritation or frustrating situation.

When you see an image that makes you curious to think about it and makes you wonder about the 5 W’s, that makes that image cursed. It’s the mystery of that image that makes us curious to explore the strange aesthetic of them, which makes them cursed.

You might have read several memes where creepy and sometimes cute images of cats are shown, these images are called cursed cat picture. That ew-aww, love-hate, yuck-aahh reactions are where creepiness and cursed images live.

Why You Can’t Look Away From Cursed Images

One of the most explored genres on social media today is the memes of cursed images. First began on Tumblr in 2015, now is top-rated in all the websites all around the world. But cursed images don’t just work of fiction. They’re bizarre in a disquieting way. In a word, they’re creepy. Whatever these images make you feel, they are not anything. Sometimes you might think they are cute and at other times you might think they are alarming.

In this image, you can see the creepiness, yet you enjoy the entertaining part more. Once you see a cursed image, you can’t get your eyes off it. And when you do, you scroll for more.

Pictures that are mysteriously gruesome, hilarious and inexplicable at the same time what makes them cursed. Go ahead and share your friend’s images, where a slice of pizza is boiling in a pot of hot water or a teddy bear with human teeth. Do visit this link if you wish to see more cursed images.




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