Many of the gamer’s wonder of become pro and achieve perfection in their respective games. Well, some have conquered the tag of being called a pro player. They have become a role model and the epitome of professionalism.

If you want to become a pro, there is a necessity of using tools and techniques. To beat your friends you have to know thoroughly about your skillset and mistakes. To be certain about your skills visit website and ace your field. Being a gamer myself, I will help you to become a pro. It will take a hell lot of practice and dedication to improve your skills.

As you want to learn CPS, you will use specific tools and methods to foster deliberate creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Through, this process you will rediscover and unleash your creativity. You will be able to accomplish mastery in the gaming field.

What is the CPS test?

CPS stands for Click Per Second Test. This test essentially tests the clicks your mouse can perform per second. It is a test that shows the updated result of your performance and efficiency. Your score depends on how fast you can click your mouse per second. Thus, to perform like a pro this skill is mandatory to learn and excel.

Types of CPS Test Levels

CPS test comprises a batch of levels. These levels depend on whether you are a beginner or a pro player. Therefore, you should be efficient at each level.

• Level 1: Turtle

This phase is for beginners. You must be acquainted with this level. Every gamer start from this level. If you are thinking to skip this level then don’t as while playing there might be instances to take slow steps to oversight the component. Thus, this step cannot be skipped.

• Level 2: Mouse

This requires your fingers to work as a mouse in 2 seconds. Not too slow or fast. It requires just two clicks but with faster speed.

• Level 3: Rabbit

If a player already has a good click per second record of a 1-second test then this level is for them. You have to ace this level then opt for further levels.

• Level 4: Bufello

This is the fastest click method. Players with this level have an efficient gaming skill and are termed as a pro.

If you are surfing the net to become a pro then keep these levels in mind. To achieve the success you must do a lot of practice and keep your fingers steady and efficient. To start this you must take a test of CPS.

Functions of CPS test 

  • Tests your clicking efficiency.
  • Improve your speed of clicking with the mouse by constant practice.
  • Displays your score worldwide and keeps a record.
  • It has different types to keep you hooked in the improvement process.

Summing up, if you want to make a record you should know about Butterfly Clicking test method and the Jitter Clicking test method. Check out the website mentioned above and practice your skills. Become a pro by learning and acing different tests comprising of levels.

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