How to Configure Linksys

Linksys is a smart Wifi router of these days. Linksys is a wireless network for all who want a seamless wifi network at home. You can convert your simple network to Linksys router with the simple process. Here you can look for the way of how to configure Netgear Range Extender. With Linksys you can set your personal preference and protect your personal information via generating secured connection. There is a short term process behind set up Linksys router, please check the step by step guidelines over here under.
Connect to Browser
First of all let’s start with connecting your computer by Ethernet cable. Now open the existing web browser and enter the router’s address into the address bar. Generally Linksys router IP address is common like But it may change as per the model.
Immediately “Enter Network Password” window will appear. Username and password columns will appear. You need to enter and type “admin” in the password. Admin is the default password of this router. Now click on “OK”button.
• Go ahead to configure the wireless SSID.
• First of all click on “Wireless”.
• Once you click on this option “Basic Wireless Settings” menu will appear on screen.
• Now it’s the time to name the “Wireless Network Name” in the field.
• Type your wireless network SSID.
• Now click on “Save Settings” tab.
• If you want to configure your router with WPA security there is a step by step method in it.
• Click on Wireless and then click on Wireless Security option.
• Now move your mouse arrow in “WPA Pre-Shared key”. It is exist in the “security mode”.
• Set the “WPA Algorithm” to “AES”.
• Now type your choice password here. It must be longer up to 8 characters and can be extended till 32 characters. The longer password will save your network from hacking.
• Now click on “Save Settings” tab.
So here is the process of how to configure Linksys and how to configure it with WPA security mode. Linksys now come with configuration CD. Just you need to make changes and settings via using Configuration software.


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