What is a PAN Card


The PAN card or the Permanent Account Number of a person is actually a documentation which is registered in the Income Tax Department of India against your name. The PAN card is just the income tax proof of your making every income of yours to be with and on the records. Having a Pan Card is thus very much important and as a matter of fact the pan card status online is issued only once against your name. It is actually a document with the help of which the Income Tax Department of India can actually keep records of all your transactions.

The PAN card is present in the form of a card where your name, Birthday and even your PAN number is mentioned. As a matter of fact, it is just a plastic card, blue in colour but works as a big document for you to have. The PAN Card is basically a 10 digit secured code which is represented in the form of Alpha Numeric.

Why is having a PAN Card important?

PAN Card is valid across the country of India and is a very important document go here for one to have. However if you want to know why it is so much important, then here is just the small thing you need to know:

· The PAN Card helps you in paying direct taxes on your income which ultimately saves you from paying a larger amount of tax.

· The PAN Card allows you to carry out of bulk transactions for 5 lakhs and above at any time of the day.

· The PAN Card also gives you the chance to deposit more than INR. 500000 in every transaction

More as the years are going by a lot of people are looking to make their money secured and looking forward to save taxes on the go visit ipancardstatus.co.in. This is the reason why applications for PAN card are increasing day by day. So if you have still not applied for it, it is the high time now!


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