Nagaland Lottery Results Online: All about Lotteries

Nagaland is one prominent state of India. It has officially started distributing the lottery tickets for the people of Nagaland. Nagaland state lottery result every day. It is ruled by the Government weekly lotteries every day. There are various types of different schemes and names of lotteries as per the cost of lottery. Lottery is held from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM every day. And lottery results are announced in the two different times. Morning lottery result is held on 4 PM every day and the evening lottery results are declared on 8 PM every day. Those who are not able to find the Nagaland state lottery can check the Nagaland lottery result online through its registered website.

nagaland state lottery Result

How to Check Nagaland Lottery Result Online
Now Nagaland lotteries every day result is published on its official website. This is very easy to verify. If it your noon result, click on noon result link or evening result click on the same. Now see your number is existed on the winning contestants list. If yes, than you can take your lottery copy to the Nagaland state lottery office to get your winning prize. Keep in mind you must take your winning prize in between 31 days of announcing result. Nagaland lottery results names changes every day. So if you have missed to see the yesterday lottery results, click on the old results link. Here you can verify the date wise lottery results on computer screen.

Nagaland Lottery Names
Nagaland Day Lottery Names
Monday – Future Massive lottery
Tuesday – Future Immense lottery
Wednesday – Future Vast
Thursday – Future Infinite
Friday – Future Enormous
Saturday – Future Colossal
Sunday – Future Huge

Nagaland Evening Lottery Names
Monday – Dear Gentle Evening
Tuesday – Dear Affectionate Evening
Wednesday – Dear Sincere Evening
Thursday – Dear Loving Evening
Friday – Dear Faithful Evening
Saturday – Dear Kind Evening
Sunday – Future Huge

All these are the day and evening lottery name results publishes on Nagaland lottery results site every day. Winner must visit the head office of Nagaland state lotteries to claim the prize. You must claim your lottery amount before 31 days; otherwise your name will be deducted from the winning list.


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