Track and Verify TAN Status Online

TAN Status

TAN is a Tax Assessment No. It is a unique id provided to all the tax payers to pay their taxes online or offline. It is also called as a PAN card which is needed for all those salaried persons who are liable to pay taxes. At the same time it is also useful in doing hassle free transaction of money more than 50,000. But if you have applied for the PAN Card or duplicate PAN card and still not getting it, you can check the TAN status online using the simple online process. It matters a lot when you do not have enough time to go to the UTI office and ask personally for PAN card process. NSDL has launched an official site which is useful in knowing the current affairs of PAN card activation. So if you have applied for the PAN card and it is more than 15 days you don’t get it, you can use this link and search for the TAN status online.
TAN Status

What is PAN CARD?
It is nothing but a hard proof that one does the tax payment regularly. Pan card is useful in showing your current tax affairs, your bank account balance and also helps in paying tax online. It is a laminated card consist photo and unique ID with signature of the PAN card holder. Now with the online portal you can apply for the PAN card or register for duplicate Pan Card online. If you have already enrolled and you have the acknowledgement No with you, your process is easy. You can easily check the current status of NSDL PAN card making through this id. How? Find it out here under.

How to Check TAN Status Online
1. Let’s move to the next step of checking the current position of Tan status online.
2. First of all open the NSDL or UTI official link.
3. Now go to the Know Your Status link and click on it.
4. You will be given the form to fill.
5. Enter the information as asked.
6. Now type the application No in the required box.
7. And lastly click on the check status link.
TAN status Online

Yeah! You are ready to see how far your Pan Card making process is done. This makes your work easy to get your PAN card earlier. If they follow any problem or missing any document, they will guide you for that. And if your Pan Card is ready, they will guide you how much time it will take to deliver. This is how you can apply for the Pan Card status online and get the exact info about this.


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