Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Muslims Community




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English Translation Of  The Above Letter: 

A letter to Muslim brothers, sisters, elders and children

“I’m writing this letter to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, old and young alike. It’s election time. You might be thinking I’ve come to ask for your vote. Indeed, I’ve come to ask for your vote. I want Delhi’s Muslims to vote for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the forthcoming Assembly elections. But I’m not asking for your vote to gain power or money. We want to destroy today’s dirty politics and create a corruption-free India, where people of all religions can live in peace and harmony.”

Arvind Kejriwal

My dear Muslim brothers, sisters, elders and children,

For the last 65 years, the Muslims of our country have been voting for the Congress. Voting for the Congress was a compulsion for Muslims. In every election, Muslims are induced to fear the BJP. “God forbid the BJP should come to power” – this is the fear that drives the Muslim to vote for the Congress.

What has the Congress given to Muslims these 65 years? They didn’t implement the Sachar Committee, approximately 65,000 big and small riots, underdeveloped Urdu-medium schools, poor state of madrasas, innocent Muslim youths languishing in jails, corrupt Wakf boards, false promises of reservations, a cruel and lazy Minorities Commission. The scale of the treachery committed by the Congress against Indian Muslims is unmatched. The Congress deliberately kept Muslims backward so that they could be used as a vote-bank.

Today, the Indian Muslim lives in fear. In their own country, in their own house, why are Muslims treated like tenants? Many young Muslims are kept in jails for years on trumped-up charges, and then released for want of evidence. Think about the Muslim who was innocent and was released after spending ten years in jail – his life is destroyed. No one will employ him, no one will marry his sister. This is the tale of thousands of young Muslims.

Today, the Congress is running both the Delhi and Central governments. If it claims to be the champion of Muslims, then why are they being imprisoned on false charges?

But the fault is ours. Why do we always fall for these politicians? In 1984, when Sikhs were slaughtered in Delhi, they rushed to support the BJP. In 2002, when Muslims were slaughtered in Gujarat, they rushed to support the Congress. In one part of Kashmir, excesses were committed upon Hindus, while in Orissa Christians were slaughtered. We rushed to support different parties. But these parties have not done anything for us except use us as vote-banks. Congress has not done anything for Muslims and the BJP has not done anything for Sikhs.

What I don’t understand is, why don’t the people of all religions unite? These parties indulge in the politics of division. AAP wants to put an end to this dirty politics. AAP wants to unite people of all religions. AAP wants to stop the riots in this country and establish peace and harmony. AAP wants to grant equal rights to Muslims, protect them and remove fear from their hearts.

What will Aam Aadmi Party do for Muslims?

Law and order: Law and order in Delhi will be made robust. Incidents of helpless innocent people being caught on false charges will be completely curbed. If a police officer arrests an innocent person on false charges, strict action will be taken against that officer. The judicial system will be made efficient so that the verdict of any case can be reached in six months or a year. If someone is guilty, they would be punished. Innocent people will not have to languish in jails for 10 years; they would be released within a year. This will help mitigate the atmosphere of fear among Muslims and they’ll be able to live peacefully.

Good and free education: Even 66 years after independence, many Muslims are very poor. Being poor, they are forced to send their children to public schools. The standard of education in public schools is very poor. Improving the standard of education in these schools is an urgent priority for AAP, no matter the cost. The teaching in public schools will be made better than that in private schools. For this, many new schools will also be opened. When poor Muslims, along with poor children of all other religions, get access to good education, they will gain better employment and their standard of living will improve.

Urdu: Urdu will be made available as an optional (alternative)* language in all schools.

Electricity: Sheila Dikshit has made electricity so expensive in Delhi that it is impossible for the common man to pay electricity bills. AAP will halve the electricity rates in Delhi. All cases of power theft by household connections will be dismissed.

Free water: Sheila Dikshit has made water so expensive in Delhi that the common is finding it difficult to pay the bills. Many areas do not receive water at all. Many receive contaminated water. Every house will get clean water for free. All unpaid water bills will be forgiven (cancelled), and in the future every house will be given 700 litres of free water daily.

Hospitals: Public hospitals are in a sorry state. If someone in the house is ill, one has to go to private hospitals which are very expensive. Public hospitals will be made better than private ones. Free treatment and medicines shall be provided to all there.

Bribery: The common man needs to pay bribes in government departments. To curb bribery, Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill will be passed within 15 days. Corrupt politicians will be sent to jail within 6 months.

Police high-handedness: Being backward and less educated, Muslims today earn their livelihood through small businesses and as hawkers or small vendors, for which the police extorts money from them. This thuggish behaviour of the police will be curbed. Laws will be passed to allow the poor to work honestly.

Wakf Board: The Delhi Wakf Board will be freed from the clutches of government agents.

Why should Aam Aadmi Party be trusted?

You might be wondering why AAP should be trusted. What is the guarantee that after coming to power, AAP won’t become like others before them? But AAP is not like other parties. Why?

AAP has been formed after a two-year long struggle against corruption. AAP’s inception has not been to gain power, unlike other parties, but to remove corruption from the country and to establish peace, harmony and equality between all religions.

I myself have not entered politics to gain power or make money. I used to work as an Income Tax commissioner. If I wanted, I could have earned crores. But I did not earn a single paisa. We’re not here to earn money, but to earn people. We’re here to change the nation.

During the last year, I’ve gone on hunger strike twice. Last year, I fasted 10 days to send 15 corrupt ministers to jail. I survived on water for 10 days. This year I remained hungry for 15 days to reduce inflated water and electricity bills. A man lusting for power or wealth does not go hungry for so many days.

All other parties are united in looting the nation. On paper the BJP and Congress are different, but secretly they are hand-in-glove each with the other. Last year I exposed the corruption of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra. Isn’t it surprising that this hadn’t been done by the BJP? Some knowledgeable people told me that senior BJP leaders had all the documents pertaining to Vadra for the last year and a half, but they sat on them. Last December I exposed a Rs 10,000 crore scam by Narendra Modi. Congress was already in possession of all these documents. But Congress never raised its voice against Modi’s corruption. Both these parties are in it together and are taking us for a ride. AAP was the first to courageously raise its voice against the corruption of powerful people like Narendra Modi and Robert Vadra.

People like well-known lawyer Prashant Bhushan are important members of AAP. They have fought many battles to get Muslims their rights. Many Muslims were killed in fake encounters in Gujarat. Ishrat Jahan was also killed in a similar fake encounter. Prashant Bhushan has filed a case against this in the Supreme Court. Even today he is fighting for justice in the Batla house fake encounter case. He hasn’t done all this for power or money. This is what separates AAP from the rest.

AAP wants to change the politics of this country. Therefore we have decided that we will not give election tickets to any person with a criminal background. No two persons from the same family will get a ticket. Ministers from our party will not use VIP cars, huge bungalows or special security. Every AAP minister will live among common people as a common person.

Aam Aadmi Party – Muslims’ last hope

Today people across the country are saying that AAP’s intentions are good. Other parties intentions are not good. If the Congress or BJP get elected, the country will keep getting looted, riots will keep happening and the common man will continue to suffer. But if AAP forms the government, a sincere effort will be made to eradicate corruption from the country and establish peace and harmony among all religions.

There is tremendous anger against the Congress in Delhi. Various surveys indicate a heavy Congress loss. Voting for the Congress means rendering it useless. As far as the BJP is concerned, it’s a communal party. Hitherto Muslims had no other option. But now Muslims have an honest and secular option. So I appeal to all Muslims of Delhi: let us, along with AAP, get together and forge a new beginning for clean politics, instead of getting fooled like you have been for the last 65 years.

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